L'Association des chiropraticiens du Québec offers schools the FREE option to order information to give to parents with the list of back-to-school supplies to help them choose a good backpack. The leaflet also explains how to properly adjust the backpack, fill it and put it on, to keep the back of schoolchildren healthy with a well-fitting backpack.

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Purchase order

Purchase order- Backpack 2021 - DEADLINE MARCH 16, 2021

The order form is mailed to all French schools in Quebec in middle of February. Professors then have 3 weeks to return their order, the deadline being March 16, 2021. The leaflets will be mailed to schools in early April, if pandemic restraints allow it.

Leaflet details

FREE - The pack of backpack advice sheets is free and now available in electronic version in english . See the leaflet here!

Program details

Invitation to teachers

Did you know that one in three children has experienced back pain before the age of nine, and that half of teens between the ages of thirteen and sixteen say they experience back pain at least once a month [1]?

The Association des chiropraticiens du Québec offers francophone elementary schools a fun and educational information sheet whose objective is to make elementary school students aware of choosing the right backpack, filling it up properly, putting it on properly and to adjust it properly.

Would you like to prevent the ills linked to wearing a backpack in your students? Looking for great advice from spinal health professionals? As the end of classes approaches, get the materials for free and make your students, but also their parents, aware of the right way to wear a backpack right away in preparation for the next school year!


New free material is available online! The ACQ has produced short french capsules intended for students in which the good postural habits to be adopted in daily life are demonstrated: playing video games, consulting the electronic tablet, carrying the backpack, etc. Watch these simple and fun videos with your students!

Intertwined word game

Click on the image below to download the file in PDF format. (French version only)

Answer sheet

Download the answer sheet to be able to check your students' answers!

Are you interested in our preventive project on wearing a backpack? Please complete the order form and return it at the ACQ before March 16, 2021.

Proud partner of the Backpack program

[1] Santé Québec, 2000.